Thursday, November 4, 2010

AHHHHH, The Holidays!

Well, the count down has begun! It's time to dust off those Christmas cards we bought at the end of season sale for 75% off and get them ready for the Post Office. Yes, I mail my Christmas cards the week of Thanksgiving, I know it's nuts...but Christmas seems to never last long enough. I know Christmas starts in the retail world in July, but who in there right mind is thinking of Christmas then? I believe there are a few holidays before then, am I right?  You spend months shopping, cooking, decorating and for what, poof, it's over after the last present is opened and children saying, " Is that it?" I know that is a terrible viewpoint, since I was brought up Catholic, but that is today's reality...more, more, more!

As you may know, for those who follow my blog, I am not only a wife, mother, dog momma, I am a papercrafter by trade. I am now working on my Christmas crafting. If you have noticed I added a Etsy link to my blog, but have not followed thru on listing anything, well that is all about to change. I have had lots of interest on my craft items, so now my work has begun. I hope you will enjoy what you see and stay tuned for some exciting news & updates. Stay crafty!

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