Sunday, August 1, 2010

Does this happen to anyone else?

In today's economy we all know cash is king and we need to watch our money. I remember watching my Mother clip coupons, only buying what was on her list and a food budget of $75.00 weekly. My Mom is a saver and thrifty by nature. I, however, am not a saver, but I am very cheap when it comes to needs. I am not cheap when it comes to wants, that is a work in progress, sorry Mom! I try real hard at using coupons, I subscribe to the newspaper and clip them (occasionally). I bought a entertainment book. I am a subscriber to websites for tips on money savers. I collect mailed circulars and coupons. With that be said....I took my oldest, "A", to Target to pickup some things for school. Do you think I took the time to rifle thru my vast stack of coupons? No, I didn't think there was a need to for the things I was buying. Besides, I got almost everything on sale. So this morning, as I battle my stacks of circulars to ready myself for the 2 hour trip to the grocery store (I could shave 45 minutes off my time if I didn't have those darn coupons!) which by chance did save me over $75.00 this week-yay me! I find 2-$1.00 coupons on 2 of the things I bought and another $5.00 coupon, if you spent $50.00, ugh! I am lucky, Target is very good about adjusting my receipts for forgotten coupons. (I know this because this very thing has happened a few times before, sigh!) So, I ask in a very wordy way...does this happen to anyone else? Thanks for hanging in while I tried to get to the explanation of my original question. Have a nice relaxing Sunday, if you can!

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